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Liz Curtis Higgs does an outstanding job telling us about the Bad Girls of the Bible.  Liz says it's important to know about these characters of the Bible so we can learn from them


Kimberly Wagner, author of "Fierce Women" feels that marriage is coming under attack by the enemy of God.  She says that marriage between a man and a woman is a beautiful thing.


Pastor Marc Royster Sr. is the pastor of Harvest for Christ Ministries.  During his career he pioneered several ministries and traveled to more than twenty-five countries, which gave him a unique position to experience genuine moves of God verses pseudo moves orchestrated by human manipulations. 


A homicide detective investigates the claims of the Gospels.  J. Warner Wallace, author of “Cold-Case Christianity” writes that we can believe because of the evidence not in spite of it.


Diana Kay reports

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J. Warner Wallace was a devout atheist.  Then he realized that Christianity was a lot like the cold cases he solved as a homicide detective.  When Wallace applied his skills as an expert detective to the assertions of the New Testament he realized that the case for Christianity was as convincing as any case he’d ever worked as a detective.


:26  “gospel accounts”


Jim says that his conversion from atheism to Christianity didn't happen overnight.


:35  “ah ha moment”


Cold-Case Christianity is a retelling of Jim’s journey but Jim says it was clear that God was calling him to something.


:27  “very powerful”


Jim says if you know that the Gospels are true then you are more likely to feel confident about sharing them.


:34  “about what we believe”


As an investigator Jim uses ten investigative tools and he uses those same tools in his search for Christianity.


:22  “of the past”


The evidence of Christianity has been the same for many years and in his book Cold-Case Christianity Jim explains what the rules of evidence are.


:27  “your own certainty”


Jim says no matter how far he has come in his Christian walk he considers himself a work in progress.


:30  “work in progress”


J. Warner Wallace says he is learning new things every day and blogs about his findings daily.


:18  “daily blog”


If you would like more information about J. Warner Wallace visit ColdCaseChristianity.com.  Cold-Case Christianity by J. Warner Wallace is published by David C Cook.


This is Diana Kay


Geof Morin of the American Bible Society tells us about the Annual State of the Bible Report that shows an ever increasing polarized nation.


Jerry Mitchell was a top-earning stock broker for twenty-five years and a pastor for twenty-one years and came to see the connection between finances and God’s teaching about money.


Author Carol Trent has written a very interesting book call “Eve’s Mysterious Name.”  Carol very openly admits that she had a problem with submission and in church one day she felt that God was sending her a message.


The Israel Museum in Jerusalem is welcoming visitors to the world’s first exhibition on the life and legacy of Herod the Great, one of the most influential and controversial figures in ancient Roman and Jewish history. 


Diana Kay reports

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King Herod the Great ruled over the Holy Land under Roman occupation and has often been referred to as “great” for his colossal building projects.  Herod is also known in history as a bloodthirsty tyrant, who even murdered his own family.

Joe Diaz is with the Israel Ministry of Tourism.


:29  “Herod the Great”


The exhibition is now open at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.


:23  “Jewish history”


Joe Diaz also tells us Herod the Great was known for his ambitious building projects.


:29  “where he was buried”


Joe Diaz of the Israel Ministry of Tourism says the archaeologist who made this discovery died in a fall at the very site in 2010 after working there for four decades.


:11  “discovery”


The Israel Museum is dedicating the: “Herod the Great: The King’s Final Journey” to the late archaeologist from the Hebrew University.


:29   “to see this”


Joe Diaz of the Israel Ministry of Tourism says the exhibition will include a large number of items on display.


:17  “recently discovered tomb”


Thirty tons of items have made for a massive display of artifacts that shed light on the political, architectural and aesthetic influence of Herod’s rein.


:18  “Temple Mount”


In 2012, three-point-five million people visited the Holy Land.


This exhibition that runs until October 5th will bring thousands of more people to Israel.


:19  “for Israel”


Joe Diaz of the Israel Ministry of Tourism tells us how to get more information.


:23  “your trip to Israel”


That’s www.GoIsrael.com. 

This is Diana Kay.


For the first time in its 20-year history, Chicken Soup for the Soul has released a one-of-a-kind tribute book composed of stories and recollections honoring a single individual.


John Clemens reports

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All 101 contributions to Chicken Soup for the Soul: Billy Graham & Me recognize Mr. Graham’s unique ability to inspire leaders from diverse disciplines and different faith.

A. Larry Ross, President of A. Larry Ross Communications wrote the forward to the book.  Ross has served as director of media/public relations and the principal spokesperson for Billy Graham since 1981.


:30    “knew him best”


This is truly a one of a kind tribute honoring an individual.


:25     “while he’s still alive”


A. Larry Ross tells us the book contains stories from a diverse group of individuals.


:26    “faithfully preached”


Ross tells us Chicken Soup for the Soul: Billy Graham & Me

offers readers a great example of how to finish well.


:28      “and love”


A Larry Ross tells us what Doug Coe had to write about Billy Graham in chapter 20.


:31    “in his lifetime”


Chicken Soup for the Soul: Billy Graham & Me describes the evangelist by many of those who knew him through the last six decades.


:30    “through the years”


Ross tells us the book portrays Dr. Graham as someone who has lived the Gospel.


:18    “in a hotel room”


Ross says the common theme throughout the 101 stories emphasize Mr. Graham’s ability to bring people together.


:31   “watered down the message”


Chicken Soup for the Soul: Billy Graham & Me is available everywhere books are sold.  Chicken Soup for the Soul is making a contribution to support the ongoing ministry of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.  For more information visit: www.chickensoup.com. 


This is John Clemens


Dr. Carol Abel Lewis grew up in a Christian home in fact her father was a pastor.  When he became ill the whole church prayed for him to get well but that didn’t happen.  When Carol lost her father she also started to lose faith in God. Finding one of her father’s sermons Carol decided to write the book “When God Says No”.  In doing so Carol learned to trust God again.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a joy filled life in let’s say 40 days!  Tommy Newberry authored a book called “40 Days to a Joy-Filled Life” and it could get us started in the right direction.  So when we’re making our New Year’s resolutions to put happiness into our lives maybe Philippians 4:8 would be a pretty good place to start.


Dr. Robert Jeffress says his book “How Can I Know?  Answers to Life’s 7 Most Important Questions” will help equip Christians with the answers they need to share with others.


Kimberly Wagner, author of Fierce Women feels that marriage is coming under attack by the enemy of God.  She says that marriage between a man and a woman is a beautiful thing.  If you would like more information about Kimberly Wagner and her book Fierce Women you are invited to visit her website at KimberlyWagner.org.


The publishers of the Common English Bible have found an upbeat, conversational tone that speaks to adults and kids alike, it creates fun, interactive way for parents and children to enjoy reading the Bible in the Deep Blue Kids Bible.   Sonua Bohannon is the Senior Marketing Manager overseeing the marketing of the Deep Blue Kids Bible.  Sonua was enthusiastic about the Deep Blue Kids Bible because of the activities for children and the exciting ways to encourage kids to think about their faith and the Scripture.


In the film “Chasing Ice” photographer James Balog (Bay-log) deploys revolutionary time-lapse cameras to capture a multi-year record of the world’s changing glaciers.   The message of

“Chasing Ice” is being embraced by people like Rusty Pritchard, President and Co-founder of the Christian ministry “Flourish.”  Pritchard tells us Christians can serve Jesus by getting involved with what is called “Creation Care 101.”


Restoring the Covenant of Blessing by Mark Driestadt


When we talk about visiting Israel the first places that come to mind are Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth or Galilee.  Very few think of the city of Akko.  Akko has so much history involving the Jews and Christianity.  Mark Driestadt, President of Infinity Concepts was so amazed at the deep history of Akko and that few Christians knew its history and its impact on Christianity that he helped design a guide for those visiting Israel.


This holiday season Ideals Books has published a heartwarming book for families looking for a way to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.  “The Sparkle Box” written by Jill Hardie is about a young man, Sam who is so excited about Christmas.  As in the story of the Sparkle Box and the young boy, Sam we too are busy planning holiday parties and making out Christmas list and busy shopping.  Author Jill Hardie shows us that there is way to celebrate Christmas and have it last all year long.


How much free will do we really have when it come to salvation?  In his book “The Day of Salvation” author John Larson shows how God, in His sovereignty, gave people the free will

and moral agency to accept or reject His sovereignty over them on their Day of Salvation.


Bill and Gloria Gaither are two to the most respected and loved people in the music arena.  They have inspired many with their wonderful heartfelt music.  The Gaither Homecoming Bible is filled with the hearts of the Homecoming family.   This family is convinced that God’s Word can inspire people of all ages to believe that Scripture is a living thing that speaks to regular people in life’s trenches.


A Guide for Caregivers by Benjamin Pratt

In one out of three American households, someone is a caregiver.  These are men and women who give their body, mind and soul to care for the well being of others.  Author Benjamin Pratt writes about what it’s like to be a 24/7 caregiver and offers some great suggestions for those that are caregivers.


Escaping Domestic Abuse by Jane Boucher


Many women suffer in silence because of the shame that is usually attached to domestic violence. 


Domestic abuse is present in all levels of society.  The overwhelming majority of abuse occurs against women.   The fact remains that one out of three families experiences the terror of abuse inside the home.


Pastor Glen Gibson says his book “Not the Way You Thought It Would Be” came about because of a sermon series about the faith and lives of the patriarchs.  He realized that the life and faith of Abraham addressed and clarified issues of the spiritual growth and journey of the people of his church.

Time to Choose by Hilda Gutwein and Dawn Kazmierzak

Hilda Gutwein, the youngest of eight children born to a German farmer, grew up in a war zone—the Balkan States. Her family lived under Socialism, Communism, and Hitler’s Third Reich. Hilda and her

daughter Dawn Kazmierzak share Hilda’s accounts of her youth.  In light of the climate of your country today, where will you look for your family’s future? The time is now. It’s your turn to choose.


Billy Jack McDaniel was working on a drilling rig in an oil field in East Texas when all of a sudden the rig caught on fire.  Billy Jack had nowhere to go and in the middle of this inferno Billy Jack is roasting to death. Many believe Billy Jack’s injuries to be the worst work-related burn injuries in history.  “Dead Man Breathing” is a true story about a man and his fight for life and the dedicated God fearing wife that stood by his side.


How could a loving God allow His beloved Son to suffer on a cross?  How could anyone trust such a God?  In her book “Mint Condition” Connie Meisgeier addresses these tough questions, introducing readers to the basic tenants of Christianity and helping them apply what they’re learning through a 21-part study of Isaiah 53.


Dr. Elizabeth Hynd says this about Swaziland, Africa:  “In a nation where life expectancy is only 29 years and the bulk of parents and adult professionals have died of HIV/AIDS, predictions are that by 2020, no adult leadership will be left in the nation.

Grace Fox Chat Room

Author Grace Fox has written about the importance of time-outs and how they can be used to get closer to God.  10-Minute Time Outs for You and Your Kids is ideal for parents seeking to encourage their children’s spiritual growth.  Author Grace Fox encourages parents to find the time themselves to be in God’s word and lead by example showing their children how important it is to spend time with Jesus.  In her book 10-Minute Time Outs for You and Your Kids, Grace provides parents with a user-friendly tool to incorporate in their busy schedules.


When you spend every waking hour thinking about someone then they must be the one for you – right?  Well that’s what author Valerie Van Wingerden thought when she fell head-over-heels in love with someone but he didn’t love her back.  This book provides a safe place for women to go to without being judged for being "weak" from feeling the hurt that comes from personal desires which have not been, and may never be, fulfilled.

In “Forgiving the Catholic Church”, Bill Christman offers hope and encouragement for other victims of similar abuse.  His desire is that all who have gone through the same ordeal might dare to confront their terror and shame and find their own path to inner healing.


Author Stephen Van Zant drew on his own childhood memories of teachers, friends and family members for his novel “Far From Good”.  As a young boy growing up in Kentucky in the 1970’s Van Zant dealt with his parents divorce, school integration, religion and long-standing southern traditions.  Van Zant shares these experiences through the main character Sam Cray.


Jack Smith Chat Room

“Bible prophecy is like a giant jigsaw puzzle; except, there is no picture on the box.” Jack Smith, introduces the reader to his unique method of deciphering biblical

prophecy in his book, The Cloak. He sees it as a very large and intricate puzzle.

Each piece of that puzzle is a passage or verse of prophetic Scripture that is

correctly interpreted. That piece must also fit in with the pieces around it.

Every piece that is added acts as a foundation for the next piece.


Author Stephen Johnston broke his book “Tea Party Culture War” into three different areas that Worldview has impacted our society.  He writes about the Worldview and culture, politics and religion.  Johnston feels that we are in a spiritual battle.  America stands at a crossroads culturally, economically, and politically and that’s why Stephen Johnston decided to write about culture wars.  Johnston feels that the issue is deeper than politics and economics.


The liberal agenda to transform our nation into a socialist country grows more blatant by the day.  It has been called the “final solution” in the conquest of America’s ideals. 

What many parents and educators have failed to realize is this agenda has already gained ground in communities across the fruited plain through an avenue few would expect……our public school system.  Jeffrey Wick is an education insider who describes the 235-year plan to hijack American democracy.  Wick reveals in his book “Public Education” a destructive philosophy, based on Plato’s Republic that if left to continue will result in God’s judgment on our nation.


“Characters of the Crucifixion” examines the lives of those who played a role in the betrayal, trial, and execution of Christ by Robert Wilkerson is published by Wine Press. 


Author Robert Wilkerson devotes a chapter to each significant person whole life intersected with Christ on His way to the cross and the resurrection and it parallels the biblical principles learned there to today challenges. 


Jane Boucher dedicates this book "Escaping Domestic Abuse" to Sarah who was killed by her father and is sadly a victim of domestic violence.  Sarah's mother tried to escape the physical violence and her father took his violence out on baby Sarah.  Jane offers stories and statistics that will make your heart ache and they are all true.  Every 15 seconds a woman somewhere in America is battered, usually by her husband or intimate partner.  Of all homeless women and children in the U.S., 50 percent are fleeing domestic violence.  Every year, over one million women seek medical assistance for injuries incurred as a result of abuse.  This has to stop!!!


In Signature in the Cell:  DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design, Dr. Meyer explains by neo-Darwinism cannot stand up in recent biological discoveries, shattering the materialists’ claim that science ‘disproves’ God.


Pure Gold

God's pure gold is His grace and only this kind of gold can make us truly rich.  Instead of being poor and empty, His grace gives us wealth of significance.  In her book 'Pure Gold' Pam Davis helps the reader discover how the priceless commodity of grace will transform every aspect of their lives.


Let Go

Author and "Women of Faith" speaker Sheila Walsh encourages women to trust God in tough times.   Over the years Sheila has had the opportunity to talk with thousands of women and understands the burdens all women know.  In her book "Let Go" Sheila talks personally about her struggles and letting go.  She says it's important to lay down your burdens and receive God's Grace.


Surrender All

With eye opening insight, TV executive, talk show personality, and inspirational singer Joni Lamb shows how to meet the struggles and hardships of life with one powerful act of faith.  In this book Joni truly speaks from her heart offering the most uplifting message to help you Surrender All as well.  Joni says that surrendering control to God would have been a lot easier had she been able to see what the future held. For some of us surrendering is a scary step but Joni encourages us to take that first step and even gives a helpful suggestion or two.


Nancy Cobb offers practical solutions for wives seeking clear, meaningful communication with their men.  The book offers a blend of biblical principles, personal experiences, and t-the-point illustrations to the other half of the communication equation.  How to Get Your Husband to Listen to You is not about changing a man’s God-given way of thinking but rather it teaches women how to initiate healthy communication and enjoy the blessing of a husband who wants to listen.  


Gregston’s book provides direction and hope for parents with teens spiraling out of control.  He talks about establishing boundaries and a sense of security for teens.  Parents will learn about the importance of a belief system and effective rules in the home.  Mark offers parents the knowledge and understanding they need for their journey from struggle to success. 


People find themselves struggling with self-esteem, body image, stress and other unhealthy thoughts and emotions.  Author Jennifer Rothschild says what we think about often has a ripple effect on nearly every area of our lives.  She says ‘Soul’ talk is about replacing the lies you may have been telling yourself with the truth.