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The Israel Museum in Jerusalem is welcoming visitors to the world’s first exhibition on the life and legacy of Herod the Great, one of the most influential and controversial figures in ancient Roman and Jewish history. 


Diana Kay reports

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King Herod the Great ruled over the Holy Land under Roman occupation and has often been referred to as “great” for his colossal building projects.  Herod is also known in history as a bloodthirsty tyrant, who even murdered his own family.

Joe Diaz is with the Israel Ministry of Tourism.


:29  “Herod the Great”


The exhibition is now open at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.


:23  “Jewish history”


Joe Diaz also tells us Herod the Great was known for his ambitious building projects.


:29  “where he was buried”


Joe Diaz of the Israel Ministry of Tourism says the archaeologist who made this discovery died in a fall at the very site in 2010 after working there for four decades.


:11  “discovery”


The Israel Museum is dedicating the: “Herod the Great: The King’s Final Journey” to the late archaeologist from the Hebrew University.


:29   “to see this”


Joe Diaz of the Israel Ministry of Tourism says the exhibition will include a large number of items on display.


:17  “recently discovered tomb”


Thirty tons of items have made for a massive display of artifacts that shed light on the political, architectural and aesthetic influence of Herod’s rein.


:18  “Temple Mount”


In 2012, three-point-five million people visited the Holy Land.


This exhibition that runs until October 5th will bring thousands of more people to Israel.


:19  “for Israel”


Joe Diaz of the Israel Ministry of Tourism tells us how to get more information.


:23  “your trip to Israel”


That’s www.GoIsrael.com. 

This is Diana Kay.

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